Better Store | The Way We Work

Better Store | The Way We Work

We wanted to write this blog to introduce our new store to everyone.
Better Store is here for our customers first and foremost, we know how
important you are and our aim is to get you the best possible products from
the UK at the best prices offering the unrivalled service. We cater to all
in our new store with ranges for the home and garden being at the fore
front. We have tried to make life as easy as possible for you so a great
deal of time and effort as been put into this new venture.

We thought we would start with telling you about the new site and some
collections you might be interested in.


With a range of beds and mattresses we cater to everyone. If your looking
for comfort and support your in the right place. We have pocket spring
mattresses with a range of fillings anything from memory foam to reflex
foam. We also have a range of open coil / bonnell spring unit mattress again
with a range of fillings. These are just some of the styles we have to offer
so take a look today and find out more.

Divan beds with a choice of storage and colours for you to choose from.
We have bed frames using all types of materials including oak and pine.
Ottoman beds featuring well known brands from around the UK you can choose
from a range of sizes on all beds. We know children's beds are very
important so we have bunk beds, cabin beds and kids beds in general. If you
have guests and family staying over we offer beds for this situation take a
look at the guest bed collection. Adjustable beds are an important purchase
so we have selected the best possible items for you choose from. When your
looking to have a lazy day we have you covered with our range of day beds so
you can relax reading your latest novel. If you wanted to watch a movie in
bed we suggest the TV Beds with fabric options available they won't

We have a range of bedroom furniture you could add to the room for a stylish
contemporary feel. We offer bed side tables that could make a real
difference making your life easy. Our wardrobe collection stands out amongst
the rest with 2 door 3 door and draw being available. We have mirrors desks
dressing tables and lots more for you to choose from.

Living Room

It's a place for the whole family and we know it's probably the most
important place in the home. It's were you and your children spend the most
time so we have spent a great deal of time getting this section right. We
have a selection of living room furniture that's going to add value to your
life. Bringing the whole family together is what the Better Store want and
we want you to comfortable and happy.

We have sofas for you to choose from with a range of fabrics and upholstery
options. We have two seater sofas and three seaters. If your looking for L
shaped sofas we have you covered we know getting you comfortable is
paramount and we aim to please.

With a range of nest of tables these pieces of furniture will make life easy
and you can select the size suits the occasion.

Dining Room

With dining tables made from different types of materials like oak pine
two tone to name a few. Options of chairs with comfort being a priority
while you share those memories with your loved ones was on our list of
requirements when we set out product selection.

The dining room is a place for Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners so
you would want to get this room right and we are here to help every step
of the way.

Hall Way

We have door mats shelving lighting mirrors and a range just for the
hall way. Its the first place you walk into so you want this to be a
place that's homely and that's what we offer. You could other products
form other collections the choices are there for you.


The bathroom is a place you want to add some luxury and that's what we
bring. We offer bathroom suits with style so its an all in one purchase
making your life easy. With traditional and modern basins on offer that
will add convenience and some were you can clean and wash up knowing
your products will last the test of time. We offer toilets with a range
of styles so if your looking for corner toilets we can cater if your
looking for traditional again we have you. With showers available in all
shapes and sizes we know it's important to get this right as convenience
is key. With taps you have a whole host of options and designs to choose
from. If your looking for the bathroom of your dreams you've come to the
right place.

Spare Room

The spare room is some times forgotten about but we know how it's a
place you may have guests or family staying over. This should be a room
you can be proud of and we want to make it homely for you. We have beds,
wardrobes guest beds bed side cabinets day beds and a whole host of
furniture to choose from. Take a look today and become that friend or
member of family everyone wants to spend time with.


If you get this right your going to make a real difference in the way
you live your life and improve every aspect of this. We have bedroom
lighting, bed side lamps dining room and living room lighting for you to
choose from. The main thing with lighting is getting the style right.
You want what suits you and we have the resources to get you this. The
lighting in the home can make or break the atmosphere !


With the garden being an important place for all seasons we wanted to
make sure we covered all bases. We have Garden sets, benches, sheds,
swings BBQ's and lots more for you and your family to enjoy. These all
all constructed with quality materials as we know how the weather can
effect this type of item. With the family being the most important
thought in our minds we wanted to add a place on the site that's going
to bring you all together on a summer day as you enjoy your time spent
in the garden.


We wanted to add a specific part that caters to children and toddlers as
we know getting these items right is probably the most important
purchase your ever going to make. With Toys giving them the accessories
to have fun. We also thought that education was another part we would
focus on as this would make for a better future for them and us. We want
to give them the right tools that takes them into adulthood. Take a look
at what we have to offer for your children today.


With so many brands to choose from we wanted to make sure we got this
right. With brands we partner with we always look at trust first. With
all brands we feature on the Better Store a great deal of effort and
research has been put in behind the scenes making sure we get the right
companies to deal with and bring to your homes. Take a look at our
brands page and select a brand you can trust

Better You

We were looking for a place to add all types of products on the site and
came up with the Better You collection. This collection is all about
life style and how we can make that better for you. So we have healthy
products first and foremost. Then we looked at making improvements to
you and your family these products are present in this section. Then we
wanted to make you more active as this will lead to a healthier you and
came up with range of products that will improve everyone.

This blog is about whats to come from the Better Store we will continue
to get better and use our experience to give you the customer the best
possible experience !

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