Headboards can effect the whole bedroom and getting this buy right is going to keep you trendy. The headboard is usually where the eye catches first when entering the bedroom so it's an important furniture piece when it comes to looks. Get the colours and textures right and it's going to be a statement and guide the rest of the decor in the bedroom. The size is something you should always think about going too small or too big could make or break the beds attractiveness. Get your tape measure out first before looking around online get this right and your half way there. 
Our Headboard range comes in plenty of colours and styles adding textures and shades isn't a problem with our collection. With grey fabric headboards to sleek white or sophisticated black headboards you get choices. Designes like button and winged or floor standing and strut headboards all having there own unique ways. There's leather headboards that are easy to maintain along with wooden like the shaker style wooden headboards on offer. 
With a range of sizes starting from small single going right up to super king size for a grand gesture. With a small bedroom you may want to try a bright coloured headboard this is going to add light so a pink for a girl or a blue for the boys may just do the trick. For a master bedroom a metal headboard could be the answer this is going to add a certain charm and elegance with maybe ivory or added crystals for effect. 
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