What size is a king size mattress ?

What size is a king size mattress ?

The time has come to buy a new king size mattress but your wondering what the size is. Okay there's a few few things to consider like the depth and whether you looking for euro or UK sized. Whether your buying for a new wooden bed frame or ottoman bedstead there going to be the same. 

It's a given, you want comfort and support and you also want a bargain price your in the right place an online blog. If there's tape measures and rulers out at the ready then the dimensions are 150cm x 200cm this is bigger than a double and smaller than a super king in Britain. 

Scroll down for some king size mattresses we got you covered. 

King Size Mattresses For Beds 

King Size Memory Foam Mattress

If your ideas are big and bold then getting the best king size memory foam mattress should be on your list. Opt for 5ft ottoman bed and a display cabinet to show off all your fashionable ornaments in the bedroom team up with black coffee table and a duck-egg rug for style. 

King Size Memory Foam Mattress-Better Bed Company

King Size Naturally Filled Mattresses

With a King Size Naturally Filled Mattresses your giving your sleeping surface temperature control and comfort, ideal for all styles of bed bases from a firm to medium tensions. Team up with some white TV stands and keep your bedroom tidy with some shoe storage in grey colours for a modern theme. Add some pine bed side tables and a white book case for spare times. 

King Size Naturally Filled Mattress-Better Store

King Size Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattresses

No Matter what bed base king size cool blue memory foam mattresses could work in terms of comfort and support. Keep your bedroom stylish with light grey wardrobes add some dressing tables and sets for beauty times. Team up with some memory foam pillows and a microfibre polyester duvet for a comfy finish. 

King Size Cool Blue Memory Foam Mattress-Better Store

King Size Reflex Foam Mattresses

For a real bounce you won't go far wrong with king size Reflex Foam Mattresses ideal for slatted bed bases for ventilation reasons. Add a dark black fabric bedstead and some storage ottomans team up with a pink sofa bed and a waterproof protector keeping the bedroom clean. 

King Size Reflex Foam Mattresses-Better Store

King Size Latex Mattresses

If your looking for the best then Latex Mattresses could be right up your street. Add some springs or reflex foam for the foundation and your all good too go. Team up with TV Beds and a red headboard add some Bar stools and some dining table sets to your home for style reasons. 

King Size Latex Mattress-Better Store

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