Should bedside tables be higher than the bed ?

Should bedside tables be higher than the bed ?

With the Spring here it may be time to look for new bedroom furniture and bed side tables could be your first buy. Getting the correct height can make a real difference when it comes to your life style and also the over all look of the space. You need a little treat every now and again so don't make mistakes Better Store are here to help. 

With everything that's gone on this year buying new beds and mattresses might lift your mood. Coming out of lock down there's plenty of stores opening up and with online sales sky high there's information every where. 

You want to make sure that bedside tables are accessible from your bedsteads so as too not stretch and hurt your back. Depending on the height of your bed this will determine how high or low your cabinets should be. If your beds are high then really you want your chest too be an equal. For a low ottoman then the chests have to be a certain height as there's going to be little storage space and this means less appealing. 

Scroll down for some bed side table ideas. 

Wooden Bed Side Tables 

Your gonna need the right wooden bed side tables for a modern themed bedroom getting the height right is just the start. Start with brands like LPD Furniture and Julian Bowen for a trusted buy. Go for traditional pine or a painted oak finish to add tones and textures to the bedroom. Team up with some 2 + 3 sideboards and a black rug for a style accessory. 

Wooden Oak Bed Side Table-Better Store

3 Drawer Bedside Table

If your needing storage in the bedroom then a 3 drawer bed side table could be an effective way to help. Team with faux leather bed frame and a 3ft memory foam mattress that's thick. Opt for light colours like white and pink these are going to give the illusion of more space in the bedroom. 

Julian Bowen Maine 3 Drawer Dove Grey Bedside Chest-Better Store

Small Bedside Tables 

Adding a small bedside table to the bedroom could be as effective as a large but for different reasons. Providing platforms for pictures and lamps bringing more light and colours to the area. Team up with a green sofa bed and a  anthracite wardrobe for a modern finish. 

Small Bed Side Table-Better Store

Come back soon to Better Store for more hints and tips. We have some other blogs that could help. 

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