Which is the best bed to buy ?

Which is the best bed to buy ?

The time has come your now thinking about a new bed for the home. Asking your self questions about what's the best buy for you and the family. Whether your looking for a king size ottoman bed or children's high sleeper you need someone with experience. There's plenty of Brands out there like Steens Furniture who we work with for a trusted product, from wholesalers like GFW who do bedsteads to a Time Living metal bed frames take your pick. 

It's a given your going to get a cheap price online so add 5ft memory foam mattresses to the basket while your at it. There's lot's of answers but depending on a range of scenarios like is it for a guest bed or does it have to match to that wooden furniture you have in the spare bedroom. 

We have a list of our best picks so if it's for luxury or your little boys and girls we got you. Scroll down for more. 

King Size Bed Frame 

Give your self space and make room for a king size bed frame it's got to be the luxury buy you've been searching for. Opt for traditional wooden or fabric. Throw in a TV or add a corner sofa it's time to treat your self this summer. 

King Size Bed Frame-Better Store

5ft Divan Beds With Draws

It's a buy with some value, going for 5ft divan beds with draws is going to give you more than just a sleeping surface. Opt for a cream 2 + 2 continental for easy access. There's also 4 drawer add a velvet headboard with buttons or go modern with straight lines. 

Divan Bed With Draws-Better Store

Mid Sleeper For Girls 

If your looking at providing more space in your girls bedroom the mid sleeper could be the winner. Think materials either go metal or wooden for long lasting advantages and colours play a key role and Pink could work well for the little princess. 

Pink Mid Sleeper-Better Store

Spring Mattress For The Bed 

No matter what bed you get your going to need a new spring mattress it's just common sense. Go with sizes like king size or 6ft make sure the bedsteads the same. There's also filings like memory foam or a natural latex that could work as a top layer of comfort keeping you all snug and warm. 

Spring Memory Foam Mattress-Better Store
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